‘Unfriendly Gesture’

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I can’t cross. Actually, let’s get this straight: I can cross, into Mexico. Once on the other side however, I run into problems. With my current collection of identification cards I would not be let back into my country. I have a driver’s license, my social security card, and my voter’s registration. It’s not enough. Passports and birth certificates are the order of the day.

Fortunately, Mexican diplomat Hector Raul Acosta-Flores is available to offer his perspective on the history of the area — Las Junta de los Rios — where the strained Rio Grande is revitalized with channelized Rio Concho water from Mexico.

How many jokes I’ve heard already. With the current mood regarding all things Mexican, one farmer cast me a sly eye, maybe this country will decide “Mexican water” isn’t good enough anymore. Given the shape of the Grande, don’t bank on it.

And just as the Conchos is the far mightier stream, actually making the Rio Grande possible in South Texas, across this international bridge is the busier economy. Will worsening relations blow back on Presidians — despite their centuries of family relations trans-River? The same farmer says he has been approached by an entrepreneur from Mexico already. The man wanted to buy 15-foot lettering for the 18-foot wall. A perfect billboard, he says, and another wink.

Now Hector is too diplomatic to say it, but when he speaks of the many contributions Mexico makes to the U.S., to its “richness,” remember the land we walk on and all that tierra to the west.


One thought on “‘Unfriendly Gesture’

  1. I agree with Hector that the wall will cause friction but then maybe that is the plan. It takes focus off the Mid-East War. Personally I think the wall should be built around Washington, D.C. It would be less costly and they could leave the rest of us to take care of business.

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