Arise marchers

Today wraps up a week of marching for Valley residents and the Border Ambassadors joining organizer Jay Johnson-Castro for portions of the week-long 63-mile March 4 March 4 contra El Muro. The effort was an (successful) attempt to push the militarization of the U.S.-Mexico border into the political debates.

Reporters from Germany and Brazil (as well as local scribes) stopped by to snap photos during my intermittent hours on the blacktop with local residents (as well as a few radicals out of Houston, Corpus Christi, and beyond) over these last few days.

Marching along Military Highway beneath the belly of McAllen, we received honks and waves from the many semi’s pulling through the industrial area. Along the route, a kindly popsicle deliveryman stopped to drop off a box of the good stuff. Ah, solidarity.
Pharr resident Veda Ojeda walked the first few days, but closed the march driving a rear support vehicle.

“I felt I was even more effective in the back of the truck waving that sign,” she said.

virginiaVirginia Velazquez (left), a supporter of the local immigrant-assistance non-profit ARISE, walked with a heavy cane in hand despite a body weakened by cancer and chemotherapy, a woman toward the back of the line told me. “This was that important to her.”

The mayor of Brownsville also came out for a segment, Johnson said.

Community members from El Calaboz, Las Milpas, and Granjeno were in strong attendance, tolerating my miserable Spanish beautifully.

But don’t feel bad if you missed it, the Big march is still ahead. This Spring Break, join the 9-day, 15-mile-per-day march from Roma to Brownsville being organized now. The push is for a moratorium on any construction until sanity returns to el planeta.

Here’s the schedule.


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