Rio Grande Blessing

Father Roy showed up at the end of this week’s No Wall walk to splash us with some sanctified Rio Grande water outside the historic La Lomita Chapel. A fine and welcome gesture — even if all the local convenience stores were out of Lone Star and we were reduced to mere Miller quaffers.

candelaria y antonioThe 1849 chapel is being restored, though Homeland fence plans would put it in the nether region between the Wall and the river.

Said our strong-footed leader Jay Johnson-Castro post-march: “I don’t want to leave that [wall] for my kids or grandkids or great-grandkids — 700 miles of impenetrable wall? We have to stop the wall now. That’s why we say, ‘Let’s tear it down now, before it’s built.”

After some strong talks, the pleasure of the afternoon overtook we hangers-on. Un tarde bohemia.

Here’s my new friend Candelaria Palacios belting one out with her husband Antonio showing me up on the Harman plinker.

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