Peer. Review.

With the three Border Wall features now having run, I am rediscovering the pace of a city that went on living in my absence. Thankfully, many of you have been circulating not only my stories but the international media’s coverage of Chertoff’s wall-building efforts, as well as the press releases and videos of those still marching on the ground contra al muro.

As I hit pause on Muro for now, I want to share just a few images from the road: Some rust, some light, some real and recreated “history.” Let me know if you recognize any of these sites.

If you are a blog reader and haven’t found the Muro features, take the time to. I have been happy to see that some other papers, including the Fort Worth Weekly and Rocky Mountain Chronicle, are starting to pick them up.

If you are vigilantly searching for the latest breaking news on The Wall, stay informed with some of the other fine blogs such as No Border Wall, reporting on the Sierra Club and Defenders of Wildlife’s challenge to the Real ID Act today. And keep a finger on the Rio Grande Guardian, as well, for daily developments.

In the future, I’ll be cross-posting Wall items here and at the Current’s Curblog.


2 thoughts on “Peer. Review.

  1. Please also consider reading the blog “A Nation Divided” written by two anthropologists conducting fieldwork on the border wall.

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