muro del odio
Regarding U.S. border policy, The Wall, “tactical infrastructure,” and the families who call El Rio home.

A special reporting project of the San Antonio Current: a drive along the Texas-Mexico border to examine the impact and implications of U.S. border policy — particularly the U.S. Secure Fence Act of 2006 — for residents of the borderlands region.

Greg Harman has been reporting for a variety of media since 1996. As a staff writer at the Current he focuses on matters of social and environmental justice in South Texas.

You can read his personal blog at harman on earth.

Salt flats
salt flats

Delicate deer steps merge into cattle tracks across a mud flat colored by the salt of the salt cedars that huddle against the banks of this portion of the Lost River (over the far rise) downstream from Neely Crossing (“Section L-1, tactical infrastructure,” in the federal vernacular) in Hudspeth County.

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  1. It’s great to see this. We desperately need ways to connect along the entire border, and I think your project can contribute to that. Let us know how we can help.

    No Border Wall

  2. Greg’s doing a good thing. I spoke to him last night on the porch of the Terlingua Ghostown, and it’s true that all these divisive measures being taken by our government will only increase problems in the long run. What do you think will happen if school -age, rural Mexican children can’t get their education? Do you think people will stop coming because of these fences? Feeding your family takes priority,over this stupid fence How will it help anyone? Our country OR theirs? Wait- that’s right – we’re spending so much money on the war killing people in the Mid East, we haven’t got much left over to do good works! The Mexicans here and south of the river are my friends and neighbors, and I take personal offense at the persecution they are suffering these days. The fence is nothing but a new Berlin Wall; the climate of anti -Mexicanism is just the new, form of acceptable racism.

  3. Thanks for conducting this journey and study. It is truly a wonderful thing you’re doing here and is greatly appreciated.

  4. I really like both of these photos. I produce the Big Bend and Texas Mountains Travel Guide. Wanted to know if you’d let me possibly use them in the guide. You’ll be given full credit.

    Contact me at the email address above.

    I strongly support the No Border Wall movement. I’m a 4th generation West Texan (Marfa). Keep up the good fight!

  5. Hi folks,

    let’s all togehter oppose the wall. On one side polilticians especially Americans are talking abaout globalization and on the other hand they build up walls. WHat a contradiction. the US have caused enough suffering around the wall and many countries are still paying for it (Germany, Irak, …) Stop it now!

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